Nadine and Boudoir


Nadine and Boudoir


When I shoot a boudoir session, I have the privilege of witnessing the beauty of many people in a state of vulnerability. Suddenly the clothes they wear, the job they have, the title they carry: none of that matters anymore. In those moments the only thing that exists is them, my camera, and the liberating journey of reaching a point where they not only feel comfortable, but even sexy, confident and free.

Capturing that journey is precisely why I love shooting these types of sessions.

On the other hand, I photograph clients who are already so comfortable in their skin that posing nude in front of a complete stranger is a walk in the park. In those cases, I become inspired as I admire total self-acceptance and enviable confidence radiate from these intriguing people.

Aside from all of this seeming psychological experience, the art of lighting and photography is a passion for me. Combining all of these elements together is amazing. I love it.

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  1. sophie

    What is the price for boudoir session ?
    Quel est le prix pour une session boudoir ?

    • nadineadmin

      Hello Sophie,$450-

      • 1.5 HR SESSION ON-LOCATION, IN HOME OR IN A HOTEL. (Hotel fees not included)
      *Three wardrobe changes allowed. *For couples an additional fee of $50 is required.

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